January 14, 2018

Horror Hospital, Third Person Action Horror Game

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Nov 10, 2017

New Project On The Way.

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Aug 20, 2017

Ninja's Bo development halted!

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Freelance Fiverr

Moving to Argentina

We are moving our indie game development studio to Argentina; all the game projects are in hold until we find a new office an maybe a new team. The main team members are moving but some will not.

So we ask to our fans a little patience while we put all the pieces together to make a come back in our new home, Argentina; we are hoping this change of country will give the studio a new perspective to work and achieve new goals.

Freelance Fiverr

I'm Available From Freelance on Fiverr

We are still working hard on our in house projects, but i'm a little bit of spare/free time, that i want to invest in get some small freelance works on Fiverr to rise some funds to hire more people on Quantic Games.

So if you have some programming task and you don't have people to get those tasks done, just give a look to my Fiverr's gigs, maybe i can help you and you can help rise some funds to get our studio bigger.

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Deadly Escape

Deadly Escape On Steam

After a year of work side by side with Ominous Entertainment Deadly Escape was released on Steam Store. This is a Pixel Art, Survival Horror Game, made with Unity 3D.
Please support the developers buy the game on the Steam Store.

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